B767 NTR Captain 21 AIR

B767 NTR Captain 21 AIR

21 AIR

B767 Captain

Minimum Requirements:

  • An Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ATP)
  • Multi-Engine Land Rating
  • 5000 hours of total pilot time
    • or twenty-four (24) months of pilot experience on Company aircraft
    • or 500 hours of pilot time with the Company
    • in Type, but not less than 2500 hours of total pilot time, including 1000 hours of air carrier operations either as a First Officer in Part 121 operations or as a Captain in fractional ownership turbojet operations, Part 135 turbojet, commuter, or 10 or more passenger seat operations, or combination thereof. These requirements may be waived, by the Company, according to the Company’s needs, and
  • An FAA First Class Medical Certificate.

To apply for this job please visit 21air.us.

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