Citation XLS Captain Northern Jet Management

Citation XLS Captain Northern Jet Management

Northern Jet Management

Citation XLS Captain, Pilot in Command – Holland, MI


Holland, MI


Citation XLS aircraft.  Reporting directly to the Chief Pilot, responsible for the safe conduct of flights. Aircraft will be operated under Part 91 and 135 regulations and will be based in Holland, MI. Residency within 120 minutes is required.

The Captain has the final authority in the operation of the aircraft. Must ensure compliance with all federal, state, local and foreign regulations as well as the policies and procedures specified in the company operations manual. Captains are the company’s most visible representative to the passengers and must act with tact and decorum while ensuring an efficient and safe operation.

Job Functions / Responsibilities

  • Act as pilot in command (PIC)
  • Comply with schedules and other directives governing the aircraft’s operation
  • Ensure preflight inspections are performed
  • Study weather conditions at destination, en route, alternate airports and departure points
  • Prepare flight plans (or review flight plans prepared by a scheduler dispatcher or outside provider)
  • Ensure that the aircraft is clean and prepared for flight with all provisions on board for the safety and comfort of the passengers
  • Review and calculate the aircraft weight and balance, fuel burn, and aircraft performance
  • Use checklists as directed through Company Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
  • Supervise the first officer in any duties necessary for the smooth, safe and efficient operation of the aircraft
  • Coordinate the functioning of all crew members assigned to the flight
  • Make decisions necessary to start, delay, or cancel flights and deviate the flight from planned route or destination when operating conditions dictate
  • While on duty, remain available to crew and departmental staff through company cell phones and email
  • Work nonstandard schedule which may include weekends and holidays
  • Strong customer service skills, high attention to detail, adaptable, excellent follow-through and responsiveness


  • Multi-Engine Land Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL)
  • Current First Class medical certificate
  • Speak and understand radiotelephony communications
  • Ability to pass drug, TSA various background screening for ID badge and ramp driving privileges
  • Valid passport and driver’s license
  • Live within two hours personal commute time from listed base (can discuss relocation package with strong candidate).

Education / Experience

  • High School Diploma Required. Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • Proficiency with business software including: MS Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint

Physical Demands

  • Working indoors and outdoors in all types of weather.
  • Frequent sitting, standing, walking, pushing and pulling
  • Lifting up to 50 lbs.

Minimum Pilot Requirements:

  • 3,000 total time
  • 400 hours jet  time
  • ATP or ATP written
  • A strong commitment to customer service

Salary Information 

  • PIC – $106,000 – $135,000/ year
  • Bonus opportunities


  • Executive retention program
  • 401K match
  • $ 56/day per diem
  • Health, vision, and dental insurance
  • Company-paid life insurance
  • Pilots receive rental cars on all trips; points redeemable to you
  • Hilton hotel stays on overnights; hotel points redeemable to you
  • Known Crewmember
  • Bonus pay for flying on off-days

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